Rebecca Barrow
Good news regarding Rep. Giffords

Bath salts, really?!5754764/florida-bans-snortable-bath-salts

No electronic flaws for Toyota

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Another reason I am so lucky to have such a loyal and wonderful dog.  Dogs not only love you for you but can do things even the best technology can’t.


A little lost about what exactly has been going on in Egypt? Here’s a good time line of events from CNN:

Also, so many journalists are there risking their lives to bring US the news (pretty amazing, huh?), so let’s keep them and all the people of Egypt in our thoughts and prayers.  

Starbucks new size

Has anyone gotten/seen this size at Starbucks.  It’s a bit much, if you ask me. Check out this link:


Wall Street Journal explains why you should wait to get the iphone for Verizon…

CDC: Sunday Alcohol Sales Public Health Concern:

Sunday Alcohol sales in Georgia are on the horizon, but the question is what communities will approve this?

Smoking Ban in NYC?

Smoking in parks will be banned in NYC now? Just found a blurb on

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