Rebecca Barrow
Here’s a link to my youtube page

My Youtube page features work I have done for UGA NewSource.

Huge Freedom of Speech News

Facebook can make you feel better

Twitter unites father and daughter

Despite the negatives found in social networking, the positives are hard to deny. One of those is a connection to friends and family. For this father and daughter, that connection is life changing.

THIS is someone we can all admire

Even at 95, she is going strong and running more than most people in college.  Very impressive.

Now you can monitor a friend’s relationship status?

Not so sure how I feel about this one

Sunday liquor sales not going to happen this year

I cannot get over this cat…

3D phone?

I can barely handle 3D movies, and now a 3D phone? LG hopes it will be the next big thing. Considering how 3D t.v.s are doing, I’m not sure how people will react to this…

Mubarak to speak to Egyptian nation tonight

The Egyptian people may be pleased with what they hear, as word is that Mubarak may step down.

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